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IJ.Start.Canon - Quick Setup for IJ Canon Inkjet Printers

Canon is one of the firms thriving at the pinnacle concerning the imaging devices such as printers and scanners. The extensive catalog for printers assists Canon in attracting a wide variety of consumers as we all are aware that Canon excels in optical and imaging technologies and hence delivers outstanding results in both niches. Have a look at Canon's printer catalog by visiting

This article will assist you in downloading and installing the canon driver setup file on your system. Canon printer driver is mandatory so that the printer works in coordination with the system.

How to download the Canon driver setup on your Windows Operating system?

Read and follow the steps described below to download the canon driver on your computer system (irrespective of the operating system).

  1. Open the web browser in the navigation bar of your default search engine type Push the "enter" button on your keyboard.

  2. Access the official website, and you will observe an enlarged "Start Here" button. Press the "Start here" option using your mouse cursor. In case you need to change the language of the web interface, you can change it from the top right corner of the webpage.

  3. After you have pressed the "Start Here" option, you have to enter the "product name" in the search bar provided by the interface. Type the printer name (mentioned on the front of the top end of the printer) and press "Go" to proceed.

  4. You will come across the "Download" button on the web interface. On the same page, you will find an option on the top right corner to select the operating system of your choice for which the webpage will dispatch the canon driver file. However, the page automatically detects the current operating system.

  5. Press the "download" key to initiate the downloading process of the canon driver file [NOTE- In case you do not find the download button as described in step -4, skip and read step number-6].

  6. You may come across a web interface with "How to setup" instructions regarding the printer. Read the directions by pressing "Start" and toggle the steps using the virtual buttons present on the left and right sides of the page. Keep in mind, and it is essential to connect the printer to the system while the installation takes place.

  7. After you complete the "setup" module, you will be directed to the download page. You will see a "Download" key in the middle of the screen and the option to select the operating system at the bottom left of the webpage. Press "Download" to save the canon driver setup file onto your system.

How to Link the wireless printer to the LAN network?

 Follow the given steps to connect your printer to the available LAN network.

  1. Connect the main supply of the printer to the AC socket and turn it on.

  2. Push the power button on the printer to turn on the wireless printer, notice the "wireless" icon on the control panel of the printer. Push and hold the button till the indicator blinks one time.

  3. The moment the indicator starts emitting blue light, go to the router and press the WPS button immediately after step-2.

  4. Now the printer is searching for an available LAN connection. This can be confirmed by looking at the blinking light indicator on the wireless printer.

  5. The power lamp and the indicator will flash simultaneously, stating that the printer is making attempts to connect to the LAN connection.

  6. The moment the printer gets connected to the LAN connection, both the power lamp and the indicator lights are stabilized.

  7. Now you can go for an independent print test. This test does not require any system. To perform, locate the "resume" option, press and hold until the indicator flashes fifteen times.

  8. This generates a command to print the details of the wireless LAN connection. As a result, the printer will print the wireless network details on the sheet provided.

How to install the Canon driver setup on your Windows Operating system?

Follow the instruction below to successfully install the canon driver setup file on your system. The printer and the system should be connected to a shared LAN network prior to the commencement of the installation process.

  1. Locate the downloaded setup file and run it by double-clicking on the file.

  2. The setup file generated a prompt asking you to permit the wizard to make changes in the system. To grant the permission, Click on "Yes."

  3. The installation wizard shows you three options, namely "Exit," "Language," and "Next." To change the wizard medium of interaction, press "Language" and select one language for convenience. Then point the cursor on the "Next" option and left-click on it to proceed.

  4. Choose one from "Wireless LAN connection," Wired ethernet connection," and "USB connection." Here you have used a LAN connection to connect the printer to the system. Therefore, select "Wireless LAN connection" and press "install" to move on.

  5. A table with the heading "Printer on the network list" will be displayed, listing down the printers available for connection. Point out and select your printer from the list and tap "Next" to move through.

  6. Provide the printer serial number in the respective field provided by the wizard interface.

  7. You will come across a license agreement. If you agree with the text given, press "yes."

  8. This will take you to the firewall settings of your computer. Select "Deactivate the block" and press "Next" to proceed.

  9. The installation process will begin now. After it ends, you can take the print test by pressing "execute" on the "Print Test" prompt.

  10. To close the canon printer driver installation wizard, hit the "Exit" button with your mouse cursor.

How to resolve error code 2801?

Follow the steps to solve this error. This error is caused when the original document to be scanned gets jammed in the printer.

●       In case the scanning is in process, navigate for the "Stop" button on the printer's touchscreen display and tap it to terminate the scanning process.

●       Turn off the printer by pressing the power button and take the main plug out of the socket.

●       You need to remove all the documents out of the automatic document feeder section except the jammed one.

●       Remove the jammed document:

1.      In case the document is stuck near the document input point then, open the document feeder cover slowly. Hold the stuck document with both hands and slowly pull it out. Keep patience because you are pulling out an original document.

2.      If the original document gets stuck at the output point, open the document feeder cover and close the document rack. Hold the document by both its edges firmly and pull it out very slowly, preventing any damage to the original document.

3.      Lastly, after recovering the original document, close the document feeder tray and turn on the printer.

How to resolve error code 3405?

Follow the steps to solve this problem. The printer displays this error code if the printer memory gets saturated.

1.      You will observe a dialogue box educating you about the memory saturation of the printer.

2.      Press "Ok" to clear the error of the printer and wait for some time. Try printing again.

3.      In case the printer shows the same error, you can try to change the print quality by going in "settings" under the "setup" option on the printer control panel.

4.      Lastly, you need to clear the printer memory and then start over the scanning/printing process.